When you choose Crown Laser Center you are not only choosing the most highly trained and certified LASIK team, but you are also choosing the only St. Louis area state certified federally accredited surgery center.  From your first inquiry of LASIK surgery, to years after your procedure, Crown Laser Center will be there to guide and help you through your journey.   

At Crown Laser Center we start your life changing experience with a FREE LASIK consultation.  During the consultation, you will go through a few short tests to determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery.  After the consultation, you will sit down with a LASIK Specialist to discuss what surgery option is best for you and answer any question you might have at that time.

On your surgery day, you can be sure that the Crown Laser Center staff will be there to make you feel at ease and comfortable.  The day of the surgery you can expect to be at Crown Laser Center for around 90 minutes.  While the actual procedure only takes about 15-20 minutes total, we will need you there early for prep and paperwork.  

After your LASIK surgery, the Crown Laser Center surgeon and LASIK Specialist will discuss you nightly instructions and put on your protective goggles.

The day after your surgery there will be a post-operative exam completed by a Crown Laser Center O.D. who specializes in LASIK Surgery.  He/She will do a quick exam to make sure everything is healing properly, answer any questions you might have, and release you to normal activities.  You will then meet with the LASIK Specialist to go over your eye drop instructions.

Finally, we will schedule your 1 month and 5 month follow up visit.  After you final follow-up we recommend getting yearly eye exams to keep up on the overall health of your eye. 



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